Person using tablet in front of semi-trailer driving through container yard with shadows of people in background
Person using tablet in front of semi-trailer driving through container yard with shadows of people in background

Proudly delivering 40 years of outstanding service across North America

Transportation experts committed to growth and full service coverage.

With humble beginnings, C.A.T. originated in a small region in Quebec, Canada. We have since evolved to become one of the largest trucking and logistics companies in North America, with terminals and offices spanning across Canada, the USA & Mexico.

Our head office also serves as the birthplace of C.A.T. Global. Since its inception in 2012, C.A.T. Global has quickly evolved to become C.A.T.’s second largest division, playing a significant role in the North American brokerage and logistics markets. With locations strategically established across Montreal, Toronto, Memphis, Columbus, Dallas and Atlanta, C.A.T. Global is poised for continued long-term success.

Continuous development and service expansion through the C.A.T. Group.

C.A.T. has consistently sought opportunities to expand our services and fulfill an entire assortment of transportation and brokerage demands across North America. Over time, we’ve organically grown and strategically acquired companies specializing in niche fields of transportation to form the C.A.T. Group. Through these expansions, we proudly provide complete transportation and supply chain services throughout and between Canada, the USA and Mexico.

As our company, our service offerings and our coverage continue to expand, we will never lose sight on what got us here – The C.A.T. Experience, which embodies our service quality and company culture and is how we have earned our status as an industry leader.

Our Values


We treat colleagues with integrity while remaining honest and transparent with each other. Our company recognizes all team members’ strengths, differences and skills.


As innovative service providers, we’re able to implement the best possible solutions and adapt to ever-evolving markets.


We are a solid unit working to achieve a common goal of setting exemplary service standards in our industry.


Our loyal customers continue relying on C.A.T. for our personalized strategies and ability to generate efficiencies in their North American supply chain.


As a transportation company, we are focused on protecting the community by being aware of essential safety practices and following them strictly.


We are a future-focused organization, acting as a role model in sustainable development for our industry.